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Archiving Email

My district is recommending that we save all Emails related to work. I don’t want to print and file all these. How do I manage this? Your district is probably responding to the fact that work-related Emails have been subpoenaed in several recent court cases. There is a growing expectation that these

Fun and Games Archive

Fun and Games Archive Sponsored by Imaginon, a child-centered activity place created by North Carolina's Charlotte and Mecklenburg County Public Library, this is a huge pot-pourri of interactive activities related to children's literature and more. It is a garden of earthly delights, but one that

Enabling live and archived Webcasts

Question: What solutions do you recommend for allowing our district to provide live Webcasts of events, and also to archive events as streamed digital video files on our servers? The IT Guy says: The Codian IPVCR provides the functionality you are describing, allowing web users to connect with either free