Exchange Server Sync and Mac Entourage

Question: I am using Microsoft Entourage with Macintosh OS X to connect to our district Exchange server, which I use for email, contacts, and my calendar. I have several hundred duplicate copies of certain calendar events now on my Palm and in Entourage's calendar. What caused this and how can I fix it?

The IT Guy says:
This may be caused by either a sync error introduced by your Palm or by Entourage itself. You may be able to search your calendar for these repeated events and manually delete them. Alternatively, you may want to disconnect Entourage from your Exchange account altogether, delete all calendar entries in Entourage, and then recreate the Exchange account so it can sync up. If this does not work, you can try setting up the Exchange account on a Windows computer running Outlook, and delete repeated events using the search feature within the calendar. Then follow the same steps previously described: deleting all events from Entourage before reconnecting to the Exchange server account. If none of these options work, you can backup your contacts and email, print your calendar, and have your Exchange server administrator recreate your Exchange account from scratch. Then re-enter your future calendar events. This final solution is very undesirable, but may be necessary as the Macintosh OS X Exchange solution (Entourage) seems extremely limited in capabilities compared to Outlook for Windows.

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