Finding Free Stuff

Finding Free Stuff

Even with government stimulus packages and big grants, we teachers don’t see much money for our individual use. So what do we do when the money just isn’t there?

Other grants: There are a lot of grant sources out there. Ask grant-proposal writers or teachers who have gotten grants for help.

Donors Choose: A great resource for funding classroom projects. Just sign up for an account, fill out a project proposal, and select from a variety of vendors the items you need; people with money to donate go to Donors Choose and select projects to fund.

Corporate grants: Toyota, Toshiba, Verizon, Microsoft, Best Buy, and Target have grant programs you can apply for.

Vendor deals: Some vendors have their own grant programs or special pricing or can help you find grants with which to buy their products. Smart Technologies, Epson, Mimio, and Vernier are some of these companies.

Donations: Local businesses may be looking to donate money, supplies, or equipment—but you have to ask.

Do more with less: Look for cheaper or free alternatives to the major brands.

Partner with local colleges: Sometimes they have older equipment that they can donate to you. They may also be able to get grants that benefit the K–12 system.