Finding Readability Information

How do you know that the websites you find or the document you created are at the appropriate reading level for your students? What if you want to differentiate learning for the varying reading levels in your classroom?

You can use the grammar tools in Microsoft Word to check any text for reading levels.

  • Select the text you want to check.
  • Copy and paste it into Word.
  • Go to Tools to Spelling and Grammar.
  • Click Check Grammar and Options...
  • Click Show Readability Statistics and OK.
  • Continue checking spelling and grammar until you come to the end.
  • Readability statistics will then appear with grade level and reading ease.

Consider using this feature in Word to help you create a hotlist on one topic with websites and directions at easy, medium, and difficult reading levels based on the Fleisch-Kincaid Grade level listed for each site you find. I try to do this when I write my column for OnCUE, my blog or articles for other journals.

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