Fixing a Corrupt Entourage 2004 Database

Question: My Entourage 2004 has a corrupt database. I attempted to use the database utility tool and it gives me an error message. "An error occurred while attempting to verify your database. An unknown error (-5000) occurred." No matter what I try, verifying integrity or rebuilding database, etc., it gives me the same message. How do I fix a corrupted Entourage 2004 Database?

The IT Guy says:
It sounds like you are following the recommended Microsoft procedure trying to repair the corrupted Entourage database. A 5000 error can be caused by a permissions problem, however, so here are several suggestions.

Use the Disk Utility application to repair permissions on your hard drive. Try to rebuild the database again. Make sure you have read/write access to the directory containing the Entourage data files.

There is a tool called EntourAid which may be able to recover Email data when the Microsoft database repair utility cannot. This was released for earlier versions of Entourage than the one you are using, but it may be worth a try if you are desperate.

I would recommend creating a new identity in Entourage and starting over if you cannot rebuild the database successfully.

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