Floating PD

How can you reach each teacher's individual needs when your budget is low? What we do is created a "just-in-time" assistance model that could be utilized for any purpose.

  • Bring in a substitute for one day each week.
  • Ask teachers to sign up on the technology coordinator's or professional developer's door for a specific "period" of time.
  • Copy that sheet of paper for the substitute who floats from room to room.

This individualized approach to professional development costs may vary depending on your substitute rate à inexpensive, individualized professional development, meeting needs at any person's level. There is a confidential nature to this type of help, as well. Teachers will be honest about what they really need when it is not in a group of colleagues

Submitted by:Susan S. Naysnerski, Associate Principal
Narragansett Elementary School
Narragansett, RI

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