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It's not what you get, it's what you do with it.
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Public school districts across the country received $521.1 billion in funding from federal, state, and local sources in 2006, according to the Fed's most recent census figures. On average, schools divvied that to about $9,138 per student. Tuitions for private institutions can easily double that amount. And somehow, it still never seems to be enough.

To make matters worse, local school boards, wary of reduced tax rolls, keep slashing budgets. Thanks to the economy, parents are more likely to be holding back on spending too, especially for what some people still believe to be extravagances.

This special issue is devoted to tracking down more monies to fill the funding gap for more technology in schools. Marty Weil's feature (In the Money) looks at the number of private organizations that offer prizes for institutions. The special calendar insert spells out where and when you need to get those applications in. Our own grant guru Gary Carnow details the essential steps to securing them.

More important than the money, however, is what teachers, administrators, and students do with the technology once they receive it. Contributor Matt Bolch (How They Got So Rich) collects the best practices and lessons learned from previous grant winners. Plus, our Leader of the Year profile of Ellen Phillips from PS 233 in Brooklyn, NY, is a great inspiration for any educator looking to update and upgrade his or her students' learning experience. Be sure to go online to for even more information about finding, getting, and succeeding with grants.

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Editorial Director



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