Formatting Requirement: Getting the Right Number of Lines per Page

My staff and I are working on a grant proposal. The RFA states that each page must have 36 numbered lines. My technician set this up for me, but some pages have just 35 lines. I can’t see any reason why this is happening, and I need that extra space. Can you help?

Word has a default feature that is designed to prevent the first line of a new paragraph from appearing by itself at the bottom of a page or to keep the last line of a paragraph from appearing by itself at the top of a new page. The feature is called Widow/Orphan control and usually improves the appearance and readability of a document.

However, it’s possible to turn off the feature. Click on Format in the program Menu bar and select Paragraph. Click on the Line and Page Breaks tab and uncheck the box in front of Widow/Orphan control. That should solve your problem!

Submitted by: Susan Brooks-Young

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