Free Distance Learning Resources from Casio

In response to COVID-19, Casio America, Inc. is offering free resources to help with distance learning. Casio’s free online learning tools and resources include:

  •, a web-based platform that enables students to access tools for calculation, graphing, geometry, statistics and more. Its interactive menu enables students and teachers to draw geometry figures freehand and input calculations as they would on scratch paper. Users can also plot data points, add text labels, expressions and pictures to graphs or geometry diagrams.
  • Emulator Calculator Software recreates the company’s scientific and graphing calculators including the PRIZM fx-CG50 and fx-CG500. The software is supported on Windows and Mac operating systems.
  • Downloadable Math Activities, created by teachers for basic, scientific, and graphing calculators. Students in grade levels, kindergarten through college, can access the activities, practice, and learn new techniques for their continuing education.
  • Technology support and lesson videos can be found on the YouTube channels for both calculators and