Free Graphic Editors

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Some time ago, I had the opportunity to visit several private school campuses. Of course, I was privately surveying their level of technology implementation (LOTI). However, I was surprised that some campuses weren't taking advantage of all the free available software that they could use.

At one campus, I was led by a proud administrator to a small room crammed with eMac computers. These were brand new machines and the teacher appeared to be brand new as well. His background was as an artist, and I asked him, "So, what software are you using?" He went on for awhile discussing the theory and background of art...but the tools he described included Word's built-in graphics editor and PowerPoint.

I was a bit surprised that he was unaware of the free tools available on the Internet. I shared with him The GIMP as an alternative to Photoshop--on a private school budget, free is preferable to whatever Photoshop or Fireworks costs these days. I shared that The GIMP runs on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems Later this evening, I received an email about another product--ImageWell --that is a simple graphics editor. Unfortunately, it's only available for Macs running OS X.

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