Free online tool aims to boost achievement on AIMS

When Arizona’s Instrument to Measure Standards (AIMS) reports are released this month, students will have open access to a new tool for improving achievement in reading, mathematics, and science.

Perspective, an online remediation and enrichment solution from Pearson, provides instructional resources that tie high-stakes assessment to classroom instruction. Students needing to retake the reading or mathematics portions of the AIMS High School assessment will receive a Learning Locator™ on their Student Report, personalized to their performance according to Arizona Standards. By entering their Learning Locator on the Perspective web site, students can receive immediate access to supplemental learning resources that are targeted to their individual learning needs.

Arizona high school teachers can also use Perspective to identify and assign standards-based instructional materials and learning activities, many of which were designed for Arizona students. In addition, parents can use Perspective at home any time throughout the year to help their student reach proficiency on AIMS.

Launched for Arizona in August 2011, Perspective was developed by Pearson in collaboration with its staff in the Chandler, Ariz. office who worked closely with the Arizona Department of Education to confirm alignment with state standards. The company is providing Perspective as part of the AIMS program at no additional cost.