Free virtualization assessment

CDW Government, Inc. (CDW-G), source of Information Technology (IT) solutions to governments and educators, has announced an assessment services offering that enables qualifying K-12 schools, higher education institutions and government agencies to consider the potential benefits of server virtualization at no cost. The newly expanded server virtualization offerings include:

Self-Guided Assessment (SGA) - CDW-G provides instructions to install a data collection tool, allowing customers to manage the installation and data collection at their own pace. CDW-G's server/storage specialists then use the findings gathered by the assessment tool to build and recommend a custom server virtualization solution for the customer.

Server Virtualization Assessment (SVA) - CDW-G's virtualization assessment team assists in the installation of the data collection tool in complex environments that include large server populations or multiple data centers. Following data collection, the assessment team works with CDW-G server/storage specialists to develop a comprehensive virtualization solution, from hardware to software and services, tailored for each customer's unique circumstances.

Because the implementation of server virtualization typically produces significant reductions in power and cooling, CDW-G's SVA also includes a "green benefit" estimate, reflecting the associated impact of the recommended project on the organization's carbon footprint.