Free Virus Protection Software

Question: Are there any good and free antivirus programs available for schools to use?

The IT Guy says:
The free antivirus and anti-spyware software programs of which I am aware are free for home users only, not for organizations of any type, including schools. AVG Anti-Virus is one software application in this category. As a home user, you can use this program for free, but not at school. Educational discounts are available, but you will need to contact the software manufacturer for details.

Another product with similar use limitations is AntiVir Personal Edition. To use at school, however, one must purchase a commercial license. Cost depends on the volume of ordered licenses.

Either of these antivirus software options may be more cost effective for you, your campus, or district than other well-known antivirus tools. Whatever solution you go with, make sure the software is configured for regular virus definition updates and complete scans of both client workstations as well as network file servers.

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