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From the Principal’s Office

From the Principal’s Office

Many years later, educators now have at their disposal the most powerful tools for developing and maintaining professional learning networks in history. Yet many educators—principals, teachers, and superintendents—have yet to fully utilize these tools.
J. Robinson

In most schools, whenever the laptop cart is wheeled into a classroom, we say the kids are doing a “technology project.” But to say that is to miss the point. Just because a student uses a laptop or a tablet or some other piece of equipment that is new-ish to do their work does not mean they are doing a technology project.
Chris Lehmann

Over the weekend, an interesting article, titled “A warning to college profs from a high school teacher,” ran in The Washington Post’s Answer Sheet Column. Despite the article’s title, Bernstein is really sending a warning to all of us about the current reality concerning our students and the climate of testing that has overtaken our educational system.
Patrick Larkin

The biggest challenge is that the majority of principals don’t have the professional development needed to prepare them to lead with tech. There is no program that focuses on the principalship—that building-level perspective needed to give them the tools and strategies to initiate sustainable change and transformation.
Eric Sheninger