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The NMC Horizon Report:2014 K-12 Edition isproduced by the NMC.
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The NMC Horizon Report: 2014 K-12 Edition is produced by the NMC. A panel of international experts in education and technology identified the following six trends that are likely to drive technology planning and decision-making over the coming years:

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1. Rethinking the Roles of Teachers. As students’ use of technology grows, the function of teachers is shifting toward more of a mentor role.

2. Shift to Deeper Learning Approaches. As schools incorporate the use of tablets and smartphones, educators leverage those tools to connect their lessons to practical, real-world situations.

3. Increasing Focus on Open Educational Resources. Open content uses alternative licensing, such as Creative Commons, to foster the sharing of information, pedagogies, and personal experiences.

4. Increasing the Use of Hybrid Learning Designs. Schools using the hybrid learning model note that physical and virtual learning environments support teachers in offering more personalized instruction.

5. Rapid Acceleration of Intuitive Technology. With the increasing trend toward interacting with devices through natural movements and gestures, students and teachers alike find it easier than ever to personalize their devices.

6. Rethinking how Schools Work. School administrators are challenged to “reinvent the traditional classroom paradigm,” largely influenced by the new teaching and learning styles mentioned above.



The Big Picture

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