Gladewater ISD Confronts Bullying With Cell Phones and Psychology

Gladewater Independent School District in Gladewater, Texas has implemented a new program to confront bullying using cell phones and psychology.

The anonymous tipping program called uTip – The Bully Buster works via posters that both explain the program while warning would-be perpetrators that anyone can report them with a text message. The uTip program is provided free of charge for the first year by e2Campus.

"We don't have a whole lot of bullying going on, but we wanted to have something in place to be proactive," said the Principal at Gladewater High School, Cathy Bedair. "Our librarian had taken charge of this program and had it set up within a week. The feedback from teachers so far is that it has been helpful."

"We get the emails and text tips immediately on our phones, as soon as the tips are submitted. They go to my two assistant principals and me. The tips that have come in so far have been related to bullying, but it can really be used for anything like theft, vandalism, cheating, or drugs. It's a quick and easy way for students, parents, and community members to have a direct line to the three of us if they see anything, even after school hours.