Gloucester City Schools Add Customized Online PD Services

Gloucester City Schools have expanded their use of ClassLink OnTrack to include Professional Development Services (PDS) after seeing strong results from the first two years of the initiative.

ClassLink OnTrack is an online curriculum management solution that provides teachers with access to their curriculum, units and lesson plans. Gloucester’s Director of Curriculum and Instruction, Dr. Elizabeth Curry added to OnTrack by implementing ClassLink PDS to provide customized professional development services to meet the varying needs of her teachers. ClassLink PDS offers integrated learning plans, effective instructional practices, Common Core Standards Alignment and the design of comprehensive curriculum through the assessment and evaluation of data.

“I love working with the ClassLink team,” said Dr. Curry. “Beatrice Elie-Pierre (Director of PDS at ClassLink) matches her staff to our needs so we are able to customize the training for our teachers at the varying levels; preschool, elementary, middle and high school.”

Dee Driscoll, the reading specialist and Language Art Literacy Coach at the Cold Springs Elementary School in Gloucester, worked closely with Elie-Pierre to execute the plan. “Beatrice was great to work with. She was able to keep the teachers focused on the objectives and encouraged group decision making. After decisions were made she delegated the tasks to individuals or small groups to get the units completed efficiently. Most importantly, the teachers are very pleased with the results and immediately put them in place in their classrooms.”

Berj Akian, CEO and Founder of ClassLink added, “OnTrack allows teachers to manage their entire curriculum online and provides quick access to evaluate and differentiate instruction. To help school curriculum leaders we’ve preloaded many different learning standard sets including the Common Core. I’m very pleased we continue to have the opportunity to help Gloucester City succeed with the combination of OnTrack and our Professional Development Services.”