Google Classroom: The Latest Updates

Google Classroom
(Image credit: Google)

Those schools and classes that use Google Classroom will soon be taking a step forward with the latest updates. From boosting its Originality reporting to reusing classroom resources to extending security updates for Chromebooks, the new features can help a teacher to cope.

  • To start, the five-year Chromebook life expectancy will be extended to 8 years for many new devices. This means that they will continue to receive operational and security updates for an extra three years, giving them more life in the classroom. It comes at the cost of around $35 per device, however.
  • Next, the software’s Originality reports, which spot plagiarism and help improve student writing, now show missing citations and can be used for three assignments per class. To use it more often, your school needs to upgrade to the Enterprise for Education suite.
  • Finally, teachers can now make and recycle teaching rubrics and use up to 50 criteria and 10 grading levels. Meanwhile, students can now check in and see the status of completed tasks and review returned work. When done, the grade shows up.

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Brian Nadel