Great conference apps

Great conference apps

Beyond the usual suspects for social networking and sharing images, such as Echofon (Twitter), Tweetdeck (Twitter), Facebook, Flickr, and 4 Square, here are some other favorite apps you can take to your next conference:

Bump: Share business cards phone-tophone, even Androidto- iPhone, by bumping the phones together.

My Name Is E: Share business cards phone-tophone or through email with three taps.

Evernote: Create text, photo, and audio notes that automatically sync to your Mac or PC.

Mindblowing: Gather audio, video, and photos in a colorized mind map.

Posterous: Allows users to blog and report on the workshops or presentations in the same location.

DropBox: Get two free gigabytes of storage.

iBooks: Access documents offline with this free app.

Ustream Broadcaster: This free app allows users to live stream and make it available online via Ustream Viewer. You can even tweet and chat while live streaming the event.

—Shelly Terrell