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Guide to mobile learning for school, district administrators

To help school administrators consider the many implementation issues around leveraging mobile learning in schools, the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN) today released “A Guide for Administrators” – a new resource from its Leadership for Mobile Learning initiative. The Guide, which was developed based on the shared experiences of pioneering schools and districts, industry experts and leading scholars, provides key information and tips to educate and support administrators interested in implementing mobile learning. The Guide includes a new “infographic,” called “In a Nutshell: Setting up Mobile Learning in Your District!”

The Guide addresses common questions from administrators about mobile technology implementation, including:

  • How do we create a program with a sustainable impact on teaching and learning?
  • What are the steps involved in implementing a mobile learning program?
  • How do we optimize the investment of our technology dollars?
  • How do we choose devices, networks and software for our implementation?
  • What are the security considerations in implementing a mobile learning program?
  • What are the policy considerations for a mobile learning program?
  • What are the professional development considerations?
  • What are the teaching models associated with mobile learning?
  • What are the options for funding a mobile learning program?

To access the new guide, visit: To learn more about Leadership for Mobile Learning, visit: