Help with WinXP Service Pack 2 Problems

Question: After installing Windows XP Service Pack 2, several programs no longer function as they did previously on our classroom computers. What advice do you have for us?

The IT Guy says:
Microsoft provides a support guide titled “Using programs and hardware with Service Pack 2†that you may want to check out. Often if a program is not functioning properly under Service Pack 2, the reason is that the software manufacturer has not released a patch (or you have not downloaded and installed the patch) which makes the program compatible. Check the Website for the software manufacturer with whose product you are having problems, and look for a free, downloadable patch under the Support area. If the software manufacturer has not released a patch and does not plan to in the near term, and the above Website from Microsoft does not help in resolving the problem, you can uninstall SP2 from the ADD/REMOVE PROGRAMS menu in CONTROL PANELS.

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