Holiday Surprises that Aren't So Nice

Since Winter Break, our network has been hit with a variety of nasty viruses and worms. It has taken weeks to get everything fixed! What happened, and how can we avoid this problem in the future?

December and January are prime time for hackers. New stand-alone computers are most vulnerable, but so are existing networked stations where antivirus programs haven’t been recently updated. There are two important steps you can take to avoid this hassle in the future.

First, make sure that the antivirus software on your network is updated regularly—especially during the holidays when hackers take advantage of the glut of unsolicited Email from online marketers and electronic holiday greetings to get unsuspecting users to open messages infected with viruses or worms.

Second, take the time to review your Acceptable Use Policy with staff and students. Remind them that they are not to open Email from unknown sources or download and open suspicious attachments.

Submitted by: Free Online Workshops for Teachers Susan Brooks-Young

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