Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Acquires a Professional-Development Company

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt (HMH)'s educational consulting services group has acquired The Leadership and Learning Center, a professional-development research and solutions provider.

HMH offers professional-development training, comprehensive services, and school-turnaround solutions under the banner Insight into Action: an Informed Approach to Transforming Education. HMH's partnership with The Leadership and Learning Center offers unique integrated solutions that combine the best learning resources available today with services that support deep implementation. These include learning resources that are supported with effective professional development in classroom assessment, teacher effectiveness and high impact leadership, which are all proven to have a measurable and sustainable impact on student achievement.

"This breakthrough partnership is a significant investment into revolutionizing how teachers teach and students learn," says Barry O'Callaghan, CEO of HMH.

"One of HMH education group's key strategic imperatives is to extend its value proposition beyond providing world-class curriculum, assessment and technology solutions through consulting services that position HMH as a partner with school districts in a shared goal of increased accountability for improvement," says Mike Lavelle, president of HMH education group.

"Partnering with The Leadership and Learning Center enables the HMH Educational Consulting Services group to provide deep implementation of professional development services that become part of that shared accountability model."
The Leadership and Learning Center's professional-development associates comprise experienced superintendents, principals, administrators, and educators who address standards, assessment, accountability, data analysis, collaboration, leadership and school improvement with their clients.

The Center's founder, Dr. Douglas B. Reeves, is the author of more than 20 books on education and an internationally recognized expert in teaching, leadership, and student achievement. Commenting on the partnership with HMH, Reeves says, "The research is clear: improved student achievement depends upon the best combination of teaching, leadership, curriculum, and technology. This new partnership will help educational systems do just that. The time and resources of school systems are under unprecedented pressure right now, and we are going to help schools get the greatest value possible to support student achievement."

Reeves authored the landmark case study for The 90/90/90 Schools, which examined the high academic performance of schools where 90 percent or more of the students were eligible for free and reduced lunch, 90 percent or more of the students were members of ethnic minority groups, and 90 percent or more of the students met district or state academic standards in reading or another area.