How Big-Business CIOs Allocate Their Dollars - Tech Learning

How Big-Business CIOs Allocate Their Dollars

See how your district's technology spending priorities compare to those of large companies.
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How Do I Get the Most for My Shopping Dollar?

How Do I Get the Most for My Shopping Dollar? Learn how to get the most for your money from this lesson that engages students in comparative shopping to determine which sale is really the "best" sale. Students use problem solving, number sense, and computation skills in this interactive lesson. Jen

Sense and Dollars

Name: Sense and Dollars Brief Description of the Site: Maryland Public Television presents a site designed to teach teens about financial literacy. It's all about money: earning it, saving it, and spending it. With support from the CitiFinancial and Citigroup Foundation, the site looks to address the question,

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CIO Profile

What are some of your big-picture tech goals for your district?

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