How can I quickly install my favorite software programs on my Windows computer?

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When setting up a new computer, an activity that can be time-consuming if you're not working from a recorded image of the hard drive, there comes a time when you want to install useful utilities. On UbuntuLinux, there is a simple program (script) known as “Automatix” that automatically loads all the useful software you need. Forget about going out to download media players, etc. Instead, the automatic program takes care of the work. Is there a program for Windows? The answer is “Yes, it's InstallPad.

The author of InstallPad describes it in this way: innovative new Windows utility called InstallPad automates downloads and software installation. Simply provide InstallPad with your favorite apps' URLs and it does all the footwork for you - while you spend your time doing something much more interesting.

Some of the programs that are installed include—but not limited to--Firefox, Adobe Reader, Picasa (image management), GAIM Instant Messaging, Mozilla Thunderbird Email, VLC Media Player, Google Earth, Ad-Aware, Ccleaner, ClamWin AntiVirus, Spybot Search and Destroy, and Spyware Blaster. You can also get Audacity Sound Editor, Democracy TV (Internet TV Player), and others.

You may notice that many of these programs are ones that have been featured in previous articles. There are several components, and you will want to download all of the following items that appear online at address shown above.

Components include the following: