How do I share presentations with others via the Web?

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Think you know the answer to this question? If yes, then you may be familiar with the old-fashioned approaches of placing Powerpoint slide shows in HTML format and uploading them to a server. New tools make that approach obsolete. Below are two online tools that enable you to create, edit, and/or publish, and show presentations.

One publishing and sharing tool is SlideShare, which was created to provide conference organizers an easy way of storing and sharing presentations. A neat feature is that SlideShare will accept both OpenOffice Impress slide shows, as well as Microsoft Powerpoint ones. This enables an easy way to share presentations with others, regardless of whether you use free, open source software or proprietary software. You can try out SlideShare for yourself online at

A similar tool to SlideShare is ZohoShow. ZohoShow allows you to import presentations, as well as create them online, a feature SlideShare does not have. You are also able to insert flowchart shapes, integrate content from Flickr Image sharing site (although this is probably blocked in your District), and more. Try out ZohoShow online at (note that you can also try a word processor, spreadsheet, and other productivity tools here).

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