How do we create roaming favorites and bookmarks?

Question: How do we create roaming favorites and bookmarks?

The IT Guy says:
This was a constant source of frustration for me. Between work and home I use as many as four different computers at times, and often I couldn't find something I had bookmarked because I didn't know which computer it was on! However, all that changed when my friend Glenn introduced me to a Website called

To use, you first need to sign up for a free account. During that process, you will set up your user name, password, and install a small button on your browser toolbar. Once you have your account set up, any new bookmarks you set up will be stored in your account online, instead of on the computer that you're using. Once there, you can access them from any Internet-connected computer by going to the address user name (with your user name after the slash, of course.)

It gets better. When you create your bookmarks, you also assign them "tags", which are terms that indicate which category or categories you want your bookmarks sorted into. Not only does this allow for better organization of your bookmarks, it also allows you to share your sets of bookmarks with others. For instance, any resources that I think support this column will be at Anytime I do a presentation or workshop, I set up a specific tag for that set of resources, and I only have to give participants one url!

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