How Do You Measure Color Output?

A recent study by the analyst group TFCinfo Associates asked 537 respondents what they look for before purchasing projectors and the results confirm that buyers want more information on Color Brightness. Key replies included:

·89 percent said image quality is the most important factor in choosing a projector
·97 percent said brightness is the most important projector image quality specification
·86 percent said Color Brightness is important when making a buying decision
·91 percent said showing Color Brightness data would have a significant impact on purchase decisions
·Buyers are willing to pay 19 percent more for projectors with higher Color Brightness

The Society for Information Display (SID) and the International Committee for Display Metrology (ICDM) published the Color Light Output specification in June 2012. Where traditional Brightness specs only measure the amount of White Light Output, as stated in lumens, Color Brightness provides information on a projector’s ability to accurately reproduce color, measured on a nine-point grid. This gives school buyers a new, easy way to compare the Color Brightness between projector models and get the most bang for their buck. For complete specification details, go to