How To Get Teachers To Attend Tech Training

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Build it (your tech training seminars) and sometimes they (your teachers) will not come, unless you find ways to make it productive, personalized, and rewarding.

One of the major objectives for Technology Coordinators every year is how to involve teachers in staff development when there is so little extra time in a teacher’s schedule. Over the last three years, I have implemented various plans that have increased the use of technology by teachers in my school. I am going to list the activities/tips that I found to be most worthwhile. My vision, as I train, is to make more teachers dependent on themselves and each other and less dependent on the Technology Coordinator, as they integrate technology.

  1. In September, send out a simple survey of five questions asking teachers to indicate the areas of training in which they are interested. The survey could look like this chart that encourages staff to reply in a simple and quick manner. Give it out on Tuesday with a deadline of Friday so that you have a document with valuable information to aid in planning.

1. What are your individual technology goals for this year?

2. What technology related to the Standards of Learning (SOLs) do you want to use, and how?

3. What training do you need to attain your goals?

4. How would you rate your comfort level in using technology in the classroom? (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)

5. Circle the programs you are comfortable using. (List of all software follows.)

  • Activities before technology use: ____________________________
  • Activities during technology use: ____________________________
  • Activities after technology use: ______________________________

Figure 1: Spreadsheet Referenced in Question #2


Tech Goals

SOL Related Tech


Comfort Level

Software Comfortable Using

Mary S.

Computers as Centers

AlphaSmarts, Research

Software use


Word, Kidspiration

John T.

Kidspiration, AlphaSmarts

Social Studies presentations of ancient locations

united streaming


Word, Excel, PowerPoint

Susan M.

Update website, more tech integration

LCD projector, Smart Board



AppleWorks, Graph Club

Tom D.

Create PowerPoint presentations based on content

Reading in content areas, Student quizzes online

PowerPoint for young students


Word, Kidspiration

Joan H.

Use BlackBoard and unitedstreaming more

SOL review sites

Webpage creation


Publisher, Graph Club, Kidspiration

Ben H.

Use unitedstreaming with students

Publishing for students

Mini-sessions on software


Kid Pix, Kidspiration, PowerPoint

George A.

Webpage, Kidspiration, Kid Pix

Graph club for graphing

PowerPoint refresher


Word, Excel, AppleWorks

Frank W.

Teach the basics of PowerPoint

Books - Word Processing, Publish student work

Review of PowerPoint and Word


Word, Kidspiration, Kid Pix, TimeLiner

Denise L.

Use more software, Webpage, BlackBoard

Write to communicate ideas



Excel, Easy Grade Pro, Inspiration

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