How to Handle Awkward Situations

You are in front of a large audience presenting ideas for professional development, and someone in the audience interrupts you with their ideas of better strategies. What do you do?

You could choose from one of the following:

  • Let them talk and then thank them for their ideas.
  • Ask them to come to the microphone and present their ideas for a specified number of minutes.
  • Invite them to share their ideas after your presentation during the Q&A period.

No matter what you choose, if you lose control of the audience, you will have a difficult time keeping everyone's attention during the rest of your presentation. A good idea is to start with:

  • The presentation goals and objectives
  • What the audience will take away from your presentation.
  • What is expected from the audience
  • How the audience can participate

As the presenter, it is best if you determine the type of presentation and how interactive you want it to be.

Submitted by:Barbara Bray

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