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IBM helps Alabama schools mine student data more efficiently

IBM announced its partnership with Mobile County Public Schools (AL) to help teachers, administrators, principals and guidance counselors mine student data more efficiently. MCPSS is Alabama’s largest school district, with over 63,000 students in 95 schools.

MCPSS previously struggled with their previous reporting system, since information for each academic year was in separate physical databases and the system only provided limited student performance insights. In collaboration with IBM business partner DecisionEd Group, the school district will be able to deliver accurate analytics for up to 5,000 users.

Through analytics technology, IBM will be able to monitor the academic lifecycle of each student quickly and effectively, and adjust academic programs to deliver better education services. Customizable dashboards will provide up-to-date reports and measures, and allow users to see how well their schools are delivering education programs. Teachers can then access the school district’s Teacher Resource for Instructional Planning (TRIP) Web site to access special lesson plans and individualize instruction to improve student achievement while protecting confidentiality.