IEP software approved

The Colorado Department of Education has awarded Excent a statewide contract for its flagship product Enrich, a software suite designed to facilitate the IEP process in K-12 schools and districts. Enrich will support state educators and administrators by providing streamlined reporting and management to Colorado’s special education community.

“The State of Colorado is committed to creating an environment where all districts and administrative units may utilize, or integrate with, one data management system for reporting student-based data and documenting discipline and IEP-related processes. CDE awarded the contract to Excent for its ability to simplify and automate data management and reporting and for the organization’s commitment to student achievement” explains Dr. Ed Steinberg, Assistant Commissioner, Student Support Services, Colorado Department of Education.

Enrichwill support the state forms, data requirements, and compliance using flexible that can be configured to meet state and district needs. Excent’s collaboration with Johns Hopkins University Center for Technology in Education (CTE) will combine Enrich’s IEP software with Johns Hopkins University’s long-term experience with statewide reporting and data analysis.

To support uniform data management and reporting throughout the state, Colorado will fund the use of Enrich for IEP-related processes, discipline reporting, and documentation of Child Find in all Colorado districts. Once implementation is complete, the state will utilize Enrich for special education data reporting.