Illinois District Wins Computing Grant

Spring Valley (IL) Community Consolidated School District 99 has won a Computing Science Exploration Grant from Fourier Systems.

The district will be implementing a classroom set of Nova5000s, the student mobile learning devices from Fourier Systems. In addition, it will receive a $500 voucher to equip a math and science lab with a selection of scientific probeware for conducting experiments. The district's implementation of “Mathematics Goes Green!” will be led by Technology Director Teri Rossman and Mark Abbott, a sixth-grade math teacher at John F. Kennedy Elementary School. With the help of the Fourier Systems grant program, the school district is working to meet the state’s one-to-one computing initiative set forth by Gov. Pat Quinn.

Abbott will create a curriculum, based on the Nova5000s and probeware, that employs Internet applications and software programs to reinforce and enhance lessons linked to Illinois state standards. Having access to the Nova5000s will allow him to expand his paperless classroom initiative. In addition, his sixth-grade students will be able to bring the Nova5000s home in order to complete assigned coursework, providing them extended opportunities to explore using the new technology.