Indiana district chooses Calypso to manage AV

Michigan City Area Schools (IN) has chosen Calypso Systems products as key components of their total classroom technology solution. Calypso products are already being used in 41 Michigan City classrooms and another 40 are expected to be converted by next fall, with the goal of implementing the high-tech initiative in all 300 classrooms within three years.

Kevin McGuire, Director of Technology at Michigan City Area Schools, says Calypso was chosen because their solution is “easy to install, manage and operate.” The solution gives teachers the option to manage instructional technology from their desks and to use high-quality audio amplification throughout the classroom.

Michigan City will use Calypso’s CB 5000 touch screen wall-mounted controller, CA 1000 amplifier and WCM-RF wireless microphone system. With the addition of a projector, screen and A/V source devices, teachers and administrators can use Calypso’s solution to enhance their use of classroom technology.