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Initiating BYOT? Get advice from a PLN

Before you launch your BYOT program, follow these lessons learned by Tim Clark,coordinator of instructional technology for Forsyth County Schools in Georgia:
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Before you launch your BYOT program, follow these lessons learned by Tim Clark, coordinator of instructional technology for Forsyth County Schools in Georgia:

1. Administrator Support and Expectations.When an administrator indicates that BYOT is important for students and expects that students should be using their technology tools for learning, then teachers are more motivated to encourage BYOT.

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2. Adequate Infrastructure.Having a robust WiFi network is essential to the effective implementation of BYOT.

3. Dedicated, Interested Teachers. Teachers have to understand that they don’t need to know how to use all of the technology tools that come into their classrooms.

4. Parent Support. There are many ways to help parents understand BYOT. Use a polling app during a PTA meeting so that parents can participate with their own devices. Share suggestions for apps and tools or provide links to successful BYOT lessons.

5. A BYOT Policy.Develop a new Responsible Use Policy that focuses on nurturing trust among teachers and students.

6. A BYOT Purpose/Vision. The vision for BYOT needs to be understood and shared by all of the members of the learning community.

7. BYOT Capacity and Equity. A good blend of school technology resources and personal technology tools seems like the most equitable solution.

8. On-Going Personalized Professional Learning.Having a great PLN like #BYOTchat in Twitter can help shape your professional learning.



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Mobile Not Just for BYOT

According to a new survey conducted byMDR’s EdNET Insight service on behalf ofMimio, school administrators, technologydirectors, and coordinators responded thatmobile learning goes beyond 1:1 and BYODprograms. Survey highlights include:

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BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology)

  Each spring, Walled Lake (MI) Consolidated School District kicks off its ten-year-old Anytime Anywhere Learning (AAL) Laptop Program with an orientation meeting for parents of fifth graders.

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Getting Connected

The “EveryoneOn” public awarenesscampaign launched by theConnect2Compete program will offerconsumers access to the followingprograms:

Getting it Done

Boston launches new 5-year technology, teaching & learning plan. Why not you? On November 3, 2001, at a conference sponsored by the Boston Public Schools, the City of Boston, and local and national corporate partners, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino and Boston Superintendent Thomas Payzant together launched LINC 2 the