Integrated Mobile Device Management Solution for Apple Devices Announced

Aerohive Networks today announced that it has integrated its enterprise Wi-Fi products with the JAMF Software Casper Suite, the Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution for Apple devices. Aerohive and JAMF Software have teamed up to develop a new solution that enables comprehensive management of Apple devices, control of eBook and App distribution, and automates and enforces enrollment of devices to ensure compliance with school policy.

A major issue facing mobile device deployment in schools is enrolling new devices, either provided by the school or brought in by students, with a mobile device management profile. In many cases, there is no way to enforce a policy for students to install the profile, and many know how uninstall it once it is installed. The Aerohive/JAMF Software solution automates the enrollment process by ensuring devices without the profile are not granted access while redirecting the devices to the enrollment page. If the student uninstalls the profile, network access is automatically disabled and the student is forced to re-enroll. Additionally, the Casper Suite interface provides the capability to alert if there has been tampering with the profile.Aerohive’s HiveOS/HiveManager 5.1 will be available in July 2012 and MDM enrollment is included as a free feature for this solution. For educational institutions, JAMF Software waives the licensing fee for the Casper Suite.