International schools embracing educational software

Although schools in Taipei, Australia, Jordan and Singapore may not share many similarities, they do share at least two: the desire to promote the best learning strategies for their students, and the belief in 21st century technology as the means to do so. In pursuit of these aims, several international schools have chosen DyKnow Software Suite to be an integral part of their school-wide technology initiatives.

The software suite, which includes DyKnow Vision® and DyKnow Monitor®, provides tools both for classroom management and interactive, anytime, one-to-one learning.

Among DyKnow’s new international customers are:

- Taipei American School in Taiwan leveraging 1000 licenses of the DyKnow Software Suite with plans to add another 600 licenses in the summer of 2010.

- Brisbane Boys’ College in Queensland, Australia successfully completed a one-to-one pilot program facilitating a larger four-year roll out of 1300 tablet PCs equipped with the DyKnow Software Suite.

- King’s Academy in Jordan purchased 800 DyKnow Software Suite licenses to use throughout the school on a mix of laptops and tablet PCs.

Additionally, Singapore American School (Singapore), American School of Doha (Qatar), Frankston High School (Australia) and eight other Australian schools began implementing the DyKnow Software Suite this spring.

“DyKnow is proud to be a part of the teaching and learning technology initiatives at these impressive schools abroad,” said Laura Konkle, DyKnow president. “We look forward to supporting each of their growing initiatives.”