Internet Explorer 7 is coming. How do I stop my computer from downloading it?

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Although some folks are ready for Internet Explorer 7 to take over their computers, others are less excited about the prospect, especially if using other browsers that provide the new functionality (like Firefox or Flock). Internet Explorer 7 has been reported to fail on launch—which means you would have to uninstall it—or to cause other problems with computers. In large school districts, as well as businesses, there is a real question as to whether IE7 should be loaded yet. In fact, some argue that it is better to wait on loading IE7 because of past software upgrades from Microsoft that have failed.

There are changes with any massive switch from one version to another. What happens if your computer upgrades to IE7 via the automatic Windows Update, only to discover that your District HelpDesk and Network Services staff recommended NOT to upgrade?

Or, if you're a web developer, then you might join others who say that Internet Explorer 7 just is not up to web standards. Unfortunately, though, Internet Explorer 7 will automatically be installed on your computer via Windows Update. How can you stop the update?

You can stop Internet Explorer 7—if it's not too late already—by using a free utility that disables IE7 installation via Windows Update. You can download the DisableIE7Update utility at

Microsoft also has a toolkit to disable automatic delivery of Internet Explorer 7 available online at

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