IP Address Tracing

Question: I've traced an IP Address to African Network Information Centre. This person has told me that they were able to hack into my pc. I have no idea as to whether they are kidding me or not. Is there anyway of finding out to whom the IP address was registered?

The IT Guy says:
You can find out what ISP (Internet Service Provider) the person who contacted you is using, but are not likely to be able to trace their IP address to their actual location and computer without legal assistance (like local police and courts).

I recommend that you take immediate action to secure your computer, and consider contacting your local law enforcement agency with a report about this situation. If you successfully secure your computer, this problem will probably go away and the party in question will move on to prey on someone else less secure.

If you are using a high speed Internet connection and are directly plugging your computer into the high speed modem, you should buy and installl a router or wireless router. You can get one for $50 or less from a local computer store, and after setting it up your computer will no longer be directly on the public Internet. Your router will obtain a public IP address from your ISP, and your computer (and other computers you may want to also connect to the Internet) will have "local" IP addresses that are much more difficult for hackers to directly access from outside your home.

You also should enable firewall options on your computer, which are available with the latest versions of Windows XP Professional (with Service Pack 2) and Macintosh OS X.

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