iPad® assessment app to launch

Brainchild Corporation has announced that it will launch Achiever! for iPad at FETC in Florida later this month. Achiever! for iPad, designed for elementary and middle school students, has state specific and Common Core content available and will deliver a full range of standards-based instruction and assessment on the iPad for Math and Language arts.

In 2011, Brainchild launched the Kineo, the Android tablet built specifically for schools. Kineo, which also uses the Achiever! application, is currently used by thousands of students in classrooms across the United States with over 10,000 devices deployed to date.

For each standard, students will take a pretest to establish their baseline scores. If scores are low, students can watch instructional videos and work through the program’s study mode to improve proficiency. Study mode provides immediate feedback for incorrect answers and allows students to work through problems until they get the answer correct. Brainchild’s technology allows student’s work to be synced with online reports for data-driven instruction.

Achiever! is designed to allow students to work on any iPad at any time. Most schools do not have the budget to allow for a full 1:1 implementation of iPads for each student. This application will allow these schools to still successfully use Achiever! for each child. Achiever! can be used either online on computers, through the iPad application or on Brainchild’s Kineo tablet.