iPads and digital textbooks top interests of district leaders

Mobile technology has the potential to be the next boom industry for education. Companies interested in tapping into this market now have a resource that defines the wants and needs of district leaders related to mobile devices with the National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education, published by IESD Inc. in collaboration with STEM Market Impact. The most focused survey of district technology and media leaders to date, it defines both the opportunities and the challenges of breaking into this new market and it will help company executives make smart decisions about mobile technology development.

This report addresses the following:
§ The level of adoption of mobile devices to date and in the next 1-2 years
§ The benefits expected and sought related to using mobile devices for student instruction.
§ What apps are on the minds of district technology and media leaders?
§ Who is responsible for choosing and purchasing apps for education?
§ The use of iTunes Education Volume Purchasing.
§ The expected price points for essential and supplemental apps.

The report also identifies hurdles to adoption of mobile devices in K-12 education.

The National Survey on Mobile Technology for K-12 Education was sent to district technology and media leaders, with 214 qualified educators responding to the survey and more than 150 educators answering most survey questions.

According to Simona Rollinson, president of Follett Software, “I am a big believer that if a business or an educational organization does not have a mobile plan, one doesn't have a plan at all. This report helps drive product development and marketing decisions through actionable, timely, and informative data on mobile technology for K-12 Education. It is the only report of its kind available that addresses projected growth for tablets, price points educators expect for apps, and barriers to adoption. We find that the thoughtful analysis combined with actual source data helps us focus our business planning."