Is the title "computer teacher" still current?

Question: Can you explain if many school districts still use the old term "computer teacher" to teach technology skills? Or do they label them with a newer term?

The IT Guy says:
Some school districts still do employ teachers with the title "computer teacher," but I think the progressive trend is to hire teachers who serve as "technology integration facilitators," "instructional technology specialists," "technology mentors," or "integration coaches." The Technology personnel listings for two districts with which I am familiar, Lewisville ISD in the Dallas area and Lubbock ISD here in West Texas, reflect these changes in the title for technology teachers.

An excellent online video documenting the process that Lewisville ISD underwent in changing its ideas about technology teachers is available at Technology Integration Done Right: Lewisville ISD. The video is almost 14 minutes long, and includes perspectives from various school district leaders involved in this process. The George Lucas Educational Foundation also has an excellent collection of online multimedia related to this topic of instructional change involving technology in the classroom at edutopia. Apple Computer’s "Digital Tools for Digital Kids" Web site also includes excellent multimedia resources related to instructional technology change.

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