Istanbul District Rolls Out Pilot Of Quick Key Mobile App

The Omengazi Middle School in Istanbul Turkey has begun a trial of the Quick Key Mobile App, which turns a smartphone or tablet into a mobile scanner to grade paper quizzes and surveys.

Quick Key is free for teachers, and anybody can sign up for an account by visiting the Company’s Web page

“Before Quick Key it would take me at least a week to grade 400 exams, now with Quick Key it takes me an hour," said Younis Aydin, the Computer Instructor at Omangazi Middle School.

Quick Key was created by a career teacher-turned-entrepreneur named Walter Duncan.

“Teachers are under increasing pressure for their students to perform on standardized tests," said Duncan."Quick Key puts the power in their hands to do something about it, without resorting to teaching to the test. As a teacher myself, our #1 goal is helping teachers succeed.”