ISTE NEWS: bulb Digital Portfolios Adds New Integrations with Google

bulb digital portfolio logo
(Image credit: bulb)

Today at ISTE19, bulb Digital Portfolios announced that embedded Google files will replicate as PDFs and be stored for life in their bulb Asset Library. The company also released updates to commenting, analytics, badging and credentialing.   

Launching later this summer is bulb’s newest Google integration, which will replicate and store embedded Google Drive files as PDF’s in their bulb Asset Library. It will allow users to keep content after losing access to a school-based Google account. Existing integrations include single sign-on, access to Google Drive for embedding documents and loading photos from Google Photos. Using the new Google Classroom integration, students create in bulb and turn-in work via Google Classroom, documenting learning over a lifetime. For an overview of bulb’s integrations with Google, you can watch this video. 

New features added include:

  • Private and public feedback: Comments can now be set to public or private. This nurtures dialog essential to learning, while giving users full control over the privacy of their work. 
  • User insights and analytics: Page views, likes and comments will lend users more intelligent insight into how others are interacting with their content. 
  • Badging and credentialing via Badgr: Educators can now showcase badges and credentials earned via Badgr, amplifying their professional development efforts.