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ISTE11 NEWS: Networking, education companies partner

Aerohive Networks today announced that it has formed a partnership with Pearson.
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Aerohive Networks today announced that it has formed a partnership with Pearson. Also, announced today, Aerohive’s Wi-Fi platform enabled classroom management application, StudentManager, will be integrated with Pearson’s PowerSchool SIS solution, allowing teachers to monitor student Wi-Fi activity in classrooms and control what web content students can access during class time.

PowerSchool supports a wide range of implementations, including schools as small as 25 students, districts as large as 80,000 students and statewide deployments.

Aerohive’s StudentManager application is a monitoring and reporting system for school districts that use Aerohive HiveAPs for wireless access and is designed to provide a school district with a single solution to monitor and track wireless client use in schools. 



WiFi app controls classroom network

 Aerohive Networks, the pioneer in controller-less Wi-Fi and cloud-enabled networking, today announced StudentManager, a Wi-Fi app for K-12 teachers, giving them control of the wireless network inside the classroom.

ISTE11 NEWS: Virtual desktop for schools

 ZeroDesktop, Inc., developer of Web Desktop solutions for public and private cloud computing, today announced ZeroPC Private Cloud (, providing education and businesses serving 1,000+ concurrent users per entry-server or 3,000+ on an advanced-server with a full-function yet cost-effective virtual desktop that extends the life of their outdated computers.

ISTE11 NEWS: Classroom in a Box

 ViewSonic Corp. today in partnership with Microsoft, announces the ViewSonic MultiClient, a scalable system for powering up to 10 full user stations (with monitors) using one host PC.

Companies Partner to Develop Literacy Assessment

Lexia Learning® has announced a long-term strategic partnership with researchers from the Florida Center for Reading Research focusing on research and innovation in the area of language and literacy assessment.