ISTE11 NEWS: Two new WLAN controllers

Firetide Inc., provider of wireless infrastructure mesh and broadband access solutions, today announced the introduction of two new Wireless LAN (WLAN) controllers, the FWC 1000 and FWC 2000.

Firetide’s WLAN controllers enable customers to manage and secure their wireless networks from a centralized application. Additionally, this new family of controllers provides end users the flexibility to choose the size of their wireless network as well as allowing administrators the ability to quickly and easily expand their networks as their needs grow.

“This new family of wireless controllers rounds out our current offerings and expands our portfolio to meet the needs of our customers regardless of the size of their business today or at any time in the future,” said Bo Larsson, CEO of Firetide. “These high-performance solutions tie back to the commitment of Firetide in bringing the best available technology to market in a flexible and easy-to-deploy package.”

Firetide FWC 1000 controller is suited for small deployments such as retail strips, hospitality hotspots or school buildings. The FWC 1000 provides a cost-effective solution for organizations that need enterprise-grade features like radio frequency management and security. The FWC 1000 comes with 50 built-in access point (AP) support. ·

Firetide FWC 2000 is designed for larger deployments such as mid-sized enterprises and school campuses. The FWC 2000 is rack mountable and is able to support the management and mobility for up to 50 APs. It is expandable up to 150 APs with stacking. For critical networks, customers can enable 1:N redundancy on the controller where one controller can serve as a backup. This eliminates any single point of failure in the network, and ultimately increases wireless availability and reliability.

Firetide’s controller comes with integrated security features, such as automatic rogue AP detection, client backlisting and guest authentication. Beyond that, Firetide’s WLAN is self-healing as well as self-building and includes intelligent features such as automatic load balancing, auto channel location, auto radio frequency management and auto power management. Firetide will debut and demonstrate the complete Wireless LAN solution family at ISTE (The International Society of Technology in Education) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania June 27th-29th.