ISTELive 2024: Edtech Show & Tell

The ISTELive 2024 show floor
(Image credit: ISTE)

ISTELive 2024 was an exciting global event, drawing educators and edtech solution providers from around the world to Denver for four days in June. The conference offered best practices, advice, debate, and spirited discussion around education technology, and showcased dozens, if not hundreds, of new tools and platforms, apps and hardware for the classroom.

In addition to actual new products, many companies released new reports and studies, such as:

As ambitious and well-meaning as the Tech & Learning team was, it was impossible for us to visit every booth and connect with all those vendor partners on site. However, here are a few of the new education-related hardware, software, apps, tools, updates, and more introduced during ISTELive this year.

You can see Tech & Learning’s ISTELive 2024 Best of Show Award winners here.

Here are other new edtech products and platforms (listed alphabetically) showcased at the event.

Avantis Education | ClassVR Eduverse360

Eduverse360 is an expanded library for ClassVR featuring more than 300,000 stunning 360° images and videos from around the globe allowing teachers to take students on compelling, immersive field trips without leaving the classroom. Responding to increased demand for curriculum-aligned content across all subjects, new math resources are designed to make learning relevant, accessible, and fun. Popular English resources have been expanded to support English language teaching for K-2 and English as an additional language.

Capstone & ISTE | Cyber Sleuths

The Cyber Sleuths mystery series is designed to equip readers with critical thinking and problem-solving skills to identify credibility in the information they consume. It follows a worldwide, online network of tech-savvy kids who are wired-in and ready to take on the internet’s worst scams, fakes, and bad actors. With high-tech tools and data, they combat misinformation, disinformation, and malinformation circulating in their communities.

CTL | Chromebook Plus PX141 Series

The new CTL Chromebook Plus PX141 Series equips education users with the powerful performance, AI tools, and creative apps they need to get more done, faster. Easy ChromeOS device manageability combined with CTL’s lifecycle services reduces the burden on IT departments. It also integrates with Google Workspace or Microsoft 365, and is powered by twice the processing power as previous models and up to 10 hours of battery life.

Embodied | Moxie AI Tutor Mode

To help support Embodied’s popular Moxie Robot, which is designed to nurture neurotypical and neurodiverse children ages 5-10 intellectually and emotionally, the new Moxie AI Tutor Mode adds personalized learning powered by generative AI. The update enables kids to explore topics such as math, history, science, art, and more at their own pace, and develop a joy for learning. Moxie has unlimited patience, and offers a non-judgmental space to ask questions and safely explore, and is also FERPA certified.

Epson | ELPCS01 Mobile Projector Cart

Designed exclusively for use with the PowerLite 810E/815E, this cart enables easy transport while transforming nearly any wall into a larger-than-life display, and is ideal for shared spaces such as classrooms, gyms, meeting rooms, and more. The convenient and smartly designed on-board control panel makes it a snap to power on, change display sources and adjust image/audio without reaching for a remote.

OtterBusiness | Achiever Series

Achiever Series Folio ST is a new adaptable folio solution for iPad that brings together OtterBox’s 25-year legacy of trusted device defense with education-focused innovation. It features: smart technology that provides simultaneous access to power, data, display and wired headphone use; energy-saving design with magnetic folio automatically puts iPad into sleep mode when closed; and a clear asset tag window that enables easy inventorying for school IT professionals.

PowerSchool | PowerBuddy Learning Assistant & PowerBuddy Data Analysis

Embedded within the PowerSchool Schoology Learning Management System, PowerBuddy for Learning is a safe and secure AI assistant that delivers individualized guidance to students through contextually relevant prompts tailored to their grade level, lesson content, and assignments. PowerBuddy for Data Analysis serves as a co-pilot for data analysis by enabling users to access data effortlessly through natural language conversation, reducing the time it takes to respond to data requests by eliminating query writing, automating data visualizations, and producing detailed data analysis.

Quizizz | Accommodation Profiles

Accommodation Profiles is a first-of-its-kind tool that unlocks differentiation at scale for educators and school districts. Educators can now use it to meet students’ wide array of learning needs quicker and easier than ever before, while ensuring their lessons are accessible and IEP and 504 plan compliant. It layers critical accommodations for students over Quizizz content in just a few clicks with features such as: read aloud; extra time; reduce answer options; allow multiple attempts; and a dyslexia font face.

Samsung | AI Class Assistant

Launched in May 2024, the Interactive Display WAD series will now offer generative AI capabilities through the Samsung AI Class Assistant to help educators save time and focus on guiding students through their learning journeys. The Samsung AI Class Assistant provides features such as automatic transcriptions and generative summaries of spoken lessons. It will also analyze the transcriptions and classroom materials to create instant quizzes for students to demonstrate their understanding as they learn.

Second Avenue Learning + U.S. Patent and Trademark Office | EquIP HQ YouTube series

Second Avenue Learning + U.S. Patent and Trademark Office are expanding instructional offerings on intellectual property and patents with a new free YouTube series and interactive storybook to support EquIP HQ, a free invention education resource and contracted effort from Second Avenue Learning. The video series and interactive storybook follow the mission of EquIP HQ to reach as many students as possible – especially those who may be underrepresented or underprivileged – so they can improve today’s modern inventions through their unique perspectives and ideas.

Sphero | BOLT+

The Sphero BOLT+ programmable robot delivers best-in-class, experiential classroom learning and supports beginner to advanced coders. It features a suite of programmable sensors and motors, a vivid LCD screen, and endless learning opportunities. Sphero also has new Blueprint Engineering Kit and Class Packs, which include mechanical and powered electrical engineering components and an interactive storytelling code mat with literacy cards.

Toyish Labs | Clixo Classroom Online Portal

The Clixo Classroom Online Portal is the next stage of the award-winning toy line, Clixo. In this new portal, teachers and educators across the U.S. can access resources, free lesson plans, video challenges, and activity guides on how to incorporate Clixo into fun and educational classroom activities. The portal is part of the new Clixo Classroom initiative which includes the recently launched Clixo Classroom Pack.

Umety | Education Content Package

Umety’s new content package is designed to work seamlessly across various devices, including Interactive flat panels, VR devices, laptops, and tablets/mobile phones. This multidevice compatibility ensures that teachers can create and deliver engaging VR and AR, immersive lessons accessible to students of all ages, regardless of the technology available in their classrooms. Key features of the new content package include: interactive 3D models; 360-degree media; multidevice accessibility; and comprehensive subject coverage.

zSpace | zSpace AI

The new zSpace AI offers enhanced support for educators and learners by providing personalized assistance to teachers and students, filling gaps that traditional methods may not address with real-time information. It also provides a wealth of curated AI content aligned with student needs, from interactive simulations to data-driven insights. The Career Coach AI empowers students by providing insights into various career paths including information regarding careers in their local communities based on their location while using zSpace.

Ray Bendici is the Managing Editor of Tech & Learning and Tech & Learning University. He is an award-winning journalist/editor, with more than 20 years of experience, including a specific focus on education.