Even the most cynical, hard-bitten, heard-itall-
before edtech integrator (or edtech editor for that matter)
had to grin a bit when they heard President-elect Obama on
YouTube call for “the most sweeping effort to modernize and
upgrade school buildings this country has ever seen...”

The responses to his call to action have also have been eloquent.
“Educators have been sounding the alarm for years about the
state of our schools...In a time of crisis, like now, we must act
boldly,” says NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. “His commitment
to modernizing schools is vital,” says Pennsylvania Governor Ed
Rendell, whose state’s Classrooms For The Future project may be
a harbinger for what’s ahead. “If America is to compete globally,
every child should be using a computer as a central part of their
learning experience.”

Words are one thing, but can America actually save its schools
from imminent oblivion and turn them into places where twentyfirst
century students can thrive? If you’ll pardon the expression:
“Yes, we can!” In fact, it’s already been happening in many places.
We write about it in every issue of this magazine and every day at
techlearning.com. If you’re reading this, it’s probably happening in
your schools and classrooms right now at the grassroots level.

I ask you, our community of readers, to help make the President’s
rhetoric a reality by writing to us and posting to our discussion
forums about your ideas and opinions to make his intentions
successful. We aim to grab the ear of the future president and
secretary Arne Duncan and help turn what right now is a helterskelter
movement of innovation into one, sweeping successful
effort. Are you with us?

Kevin Hogan
Editorial Director