January 2011 What’s New

January 2011 What’s New

Online & Software
Adobe Education Exchange

Adobe Education Exchange is a free online community that provides educators the resources for preparing for new courses and projects, or instructions on the skills needed to teach with Adobe software. Educators can share lesson plans, class projects, technical tutorials, background materials and other resources and get feedback and recognition from the community.
Price: free
Category: productivity


Bookshare has announced that 100,000 students now benefit from its collection of digital accessible books. Students with print disabilities can receive their accessible textbooks on the first day of the semester.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: reading, assistive technology


TestWiz allows educators to take students’ results from DIBELS Next and input them into the online system for diagnosis. After they key-enter the scores, TestWiz lets them analyze the data, create multiple reports, and plan effective student interventions if necessary.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment

DTP 5.0

The Time To Know digital teaching platform (DTP) 5.0 is the latest version of the interactive curriculum system designed specifically for one-to-one computing classrooms. The DTP 5.0 features new tools for data management, assessment, progress monitoring, reporting, and classroom instruction.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: one-to-one

The Educational Assessment Scoring Environment (Ease System)

The EASE System has 17 integrated components of which the four most important are a Scoring Environment, which provides a powerful set of tools that make scoring fast and easy; a Workflow Interface, which provides a unique combination of tools for assessment processing that help manage scoring; patented Closed End Mark Sense Processing Software; and embedded Data Cleaning, Formatting, and Reporting ‘C’-like Programming Language, which permits unprecedented customizing.
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Category: assessment


The e-rater scoring-engine technology will be integrated with Turnitin’s GradeMark online paperless grading tools allowing instructors to mark and comment on student papers. Available in Summer 2011, e-rater uses natural language-processing techniques and provides instructors with fast diagnostic feedback on grammar, usage, mechanics, and style to augment their assessment of student work.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: writing

FCAT Achiever!

FCAT Achiever! helps students improve their performance on state assessments and assesses standards-based performance, then delivers tutorials and retests students to determine progress on state standards in mathematics, language arts, and science.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment

Gale NewsVault

Gale NewsVault provides access to more than 2,000 titles and 10 million digitized pages. Users can read newspapers cover to cover in full-screen or save, print, highlight, bookmark, grab, pan, zoom, and crop content and images.
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Category: reference

The Geometer’s Sketchpad Sketch Exchange

Within this free online community, math educators can share ideas and connect with peers.
Price: free
Category: math

Guidance Systems

Cerebellum Corporation has created new titles to address sensitive issues students encounter, such as bullying and harassment, sex education, substance abuse, and Internet and cell-phone safety. Each Guidance System program includes the selected DVD along with an extensive workbook for facilitating classroom discussion.
Price: $79.95 each or $359.95 for all five; see Web site for more information
Category: health


journ(i)e includes two new features: Google Docs integration and a new Assignments feature that enables teachers to easily manage and share assignments from their electronic grade books. In addition, for teachers who use Pearson’s PowerTeacher Gradebook, journ(i)e introduces DirectConnect, a sync option that provides an even more seamless experience in grade-book integration.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: productivity

Jumpstart World of Learning

This immersive, fully customizable world for children encourages interactivity and play while building important learning skills, such as reading, math, social skills, and critical thinking. The characters and environments all change and react to a child’s progress through the world and shift accordingly in real time to reflect seasons and holidays.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: online learning

Learn360 and Film Clips

Learn 360 announces its newest content partner, Film Clips for Character Education. More than 100 clips from award-winning Hollywood films and accompanying teacher guides assist in character-education curriculums in all grade ranges, from pre-K to high school.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: video/health

The Lightspeed Rocket, Web Access Manager

This product offers intelligent features for customization, granular policy control, safe Web 2.0 access, mobile filtering, proxy blocking, and network threat protection. My Big Campus, one of the key software features, integrates online resource management and collaboration into the network security suite.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: security

Lightspeed Systems’ Web Access Manager

Lightspeed Systems’ Web Access Manager with Guide Mobile Filter offers intelligent cross-platform Internet filtering that enables districts to easily extend network policies to users and devices off the network to maintain security, meet CIPA compliance, prevent cyberbullying, enforce acceptableuse policies, and protect students from inappropriate content.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: filtering

Mathematica 8

Mathematica 8 makes it possible to enter math or data calculations in plain English and get immediate answers or start an extensive analysis. It adds a major new end point: generation of C code and standalone executables, along with more than 500 new functions.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: math


This new Web destination connects users to engineering-related resources in their areas through maps, event calendars, event searches, and an engineer network. It also demonstrates the ways in which engineering is a creative career choice that affects and shapes our past, present, and future.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: STEM

My Vision Version 2.0

With the release of MyVision version 2.0, both MyVision Basic and MyVision Free feature integration with Active Directory. This new feature allows teachers to monitor students wherever they choose to work—in the library, a study room, or an open computer lab.
Price: $199 for an annual subscription (discount information available on Web site)
Category: management

The NEA Academy

The National Education Association Academy has partnered with UM assOnline, Western Governors University, and Walden University to provide master’s degrees in education to NEA members. The agreement creates the first master’s degree program offered through strategic alliances with the NEA.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: professional development


Pearson has introduced four new STEM courses for NovaNET: Physical Science, Earth Science, Chemistry, and Algebra 1. All courses feature a wealth of lessons, interactive features, and more.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: STEM

RoomPro Global

RoomPro Global is a solution for remotely controlling, monitoring, and managing classroom AV technology. It offers classroom access and control for the entire RoomPro product line from any Web-enabled computer as a result of having been developed on a cloud-computing platform.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: AV monitoring

Science Power Enhancements

Designed for students in the upper elementary grades, Science Power lessons cover all science curriculum topics and provide highlighted vocabulary, rich multimedia, custom-made animations, and review questions.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: science

Social Media Cache

The SuperLumin Social Media Cache is a new, 64-bit architecture that handles the increasing demand for socialmedia Web applications, such as Facebook and YouTube. Social media Web applications use a redirection model to distribute content, which means that the same Web objects often originate from different servers with different URLs. The SuperLumin Social Media Cache can determine if an object has already been retrieved from another server and vend it from the existing cache inventory.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: networking

SoftChalk and IMS Learning Tools Interoperability

SoftChalk LLC has announced its collaboration with the IMS Learning Tools Interoperability group to support a new scoring solution that will work directly with learning management systems. This solution will use the IMS LTI and Basic outcomes framework, which allows remote tools and content to be integrated into an LMS .
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: interoperability


A new digital resource for targeted reading-comprehension instruction using interactive whiteboards, Strategy Zone combines interactive technology and targeted comprehension instruction to improve the reading of students in grades three and four.
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: reading


This lightweight application is the company’s latest addition to its suite of interactive polling software. It allows educators to create digital answer keys for new and existing tests and quizzes and deliver the self-paced summative assessments to students using ResponseCard NXT .
Price: Contact company for pricing.
Category: assessment

Userful MultiSeat Linux 2011

This product turns one Linux computer into 10 high-performance independent computer stations.
Price: $59 per seat
Category: virtualization


AVerMedia Information, Inc. announces the new AVerComm H Series Video Conferencing Solutions (www.averusa.com). The AVerComm H100 features 720p, high-definition quality at full-motion 30-frames-per-second video, dual screen display, content sharing, and a professional speakerphone. The AVerComm H300 adds multipoint capabilities for up to four locations, screen capture, and meeting session recording to a USB flash drive.

Califone’s new Wireless PA Upgrade Kit (www.califone.com) can switch any system from the 700 MHz band to another frequency quickly, making it easier than ever for schools to go from a wired PA system to wireless. The kit includes a wireless microphone, transmitter, and receiver and is simple to install.

Canon’s REALiS WUX4000 Installation LCOS Projector (www.usa.canon.com) delivers higher-than-HD-resolution (1,920 x 1,200) wide-screen images with an aspect ratio of 16:10 and a high brightness level, of 4,000 lumens. It employs Canon’s latest, fourth-generation proprietary AISYS-enhanced LCOS optical engine, an advanced projectiondisplay technology that delivers crisp, seamless images with intricate detail, high brightness, high contrast, and accurate color.

Casio released the first in its nextgeneration line of graphing calculators, the PRIZM (fx-CG10) (www.casioeducation.com), which has high-resolution color LCD and various functions designed to assist with math lessons. PRIZM includes the Picture Plot*1 function, which enables users to plot graphs over curves and other familiar real-life shapes, such as the parabola of jets in a water fountain.

The Kensington ClickSafe Keyed Twin Laptop Lock (www.us.kensington.com) is designed for effortless protection of computers, peripherals, and your business’s most important data. The lock attaches to hardware in a single step. ClickSafe combines a cable made from superior materials and a tamper- proof disc-style lock to deliver the strongest security available in a cable lock.

Crestron’s DigitalMedia 8G transmitter-switcher, matrix switcher input and output cards, and receiver–room controller (www.crestron.com) deliver true one-wire transport without signal scaling, compression, or hardware repeaters. Uncompressed digital signals, HDMI , DVI , DisplayPort, Ethernet, and USB keyboard and mouse control are seamlessly distributed up to 1,000 feet.

The Epson PowerLite 4100, 4200W, and 4300 (www.epson.com) offer a wide range of combinations of lumens and resolution. The PowerLite 4100 and 4200W provide 4,500 lumens of color and white-light output, and the 4300 offers 5,200 lumens of color and white-light output. The 4100 and 4300 feature XGA resolution, while the 4200W has WXGA (1,280 x 800) resolution to accommodate wide-screen content.

Energy Efficiency Education Dashboard 2.0 (www.qagraphics.com) is a Web-based device that communicates with a building’s automation system or metering device to access real-time data on the building. The Data Manager collects the live building data and distributes it internally and externally for viewing on the Dashboard. The Dashboard consists of a series of graphical user interface screens that creatively display the organization’s energy efficiencies and green features.

Hitachi’s CPWX8 multimedia projector (www.hitachi-america.us/digitalmedia) weighs less than five pounds and provides native WXGA (1,280 x 800) resolution along with 16.7 million colors and 2,600 ANSI lumens of brightness. The projector also includes HDMI , S-Video and composite video inputs, RGB computer video inputs and outputs, two audio inputs, and an audio output. It also features a built-in speaker and offers a host of convenience features.

The PN-L601B touch-screen LCD monitor (www.sharpusa.com) allows users to display and mark digital images or scanned documents for presentation via a bright screen. Energy efficient and ENER GY STAR qualified, this model is also ideal for a wide array of high-impact digital-signage applications.

Acer’s Aspire TimelineX series provides an extended battery life of eight hours, thanks to 3M’s multilayered optical films (www.3m.com). The films brighten the flat-panel displays used in the Aspire TimelineX series and give them wider viewing angles while reducing internal components.

The SAMCAM 860 document camera (www.samcam860.com) has a 6x optical and 8x digital zoom for a combined 48x focal length; true SX GA display output and recording of movies with audio at 30 fps; compatibility with Webcam applications, such as Skype, GradeCam, and Windows Movie Maker; and a built-in Macro and Microscope mode.

SMART Technologies (www.smarttech.com) announces a range of five key accessories designed to enhance the SMART Board 800 series interactive whiteboard. The SMART Mobile Floor Stand and SMART Height- Adjustable Wall Mount are designed to increase mobility and enhance accessibility for teachers and students. Speakers mount to either the wall or the SMART Board 800, and CAT 5 to USB extender or wireless Bluetooth connection enables teachers to position the teacher’s computer anywhere in the classroom.

Bretford ( www.bretford.com) introduced two affordable carts for general AV equipment. Designed for educational environments, the two height-adjustable AV carts incorporate two pull-out shelves, one for a projector and one for a laptop, with room on top for a document camera. The A2642DNS has an open shelf design while the CA2642DNS has a cabinet base with lockable storage for equipment safety. Their small and compact size makes them easy to move and position in multiple places throughout the classroom.

The Sanyo Dual Camera PD2 (www.us.sanyo.com) is about the size of a deck of cards and delivers 3x optical zoom for video as well as photos. The large display allows users to display HD video or still images. Sanyo’s built-in software application makes it easy to share videos and photos via sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Picassa. The PD2 captures 10-megapixel digital photos in a small pocket camcorder design.