Javascript not work on Mac OS X

Question: Why does the javascript functionality on some Web pages not work on Macintosh OS X?

The IT Guy says:
I am not entirely sure, but my guess is that these Web pages are using javascript language not supported by the Macintosh OS X default web browser, Safari. One popular Website that does not have javascript support for WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editing is Blogger. Thankfully, in this case and several others, while Safari does not support the Blogger javascript plug-ins, the free FireFox Web browser does support it. I recommend giving Firefox a try on your Macintosh computer if Safari is not properly functioning with Web page services that use javascript or other technologies.

Unfortunately, some Websites use javascript and other programming code that works ONLY on Windows-based computers. One example is the WYSIWYG editor used by the Taskstream electronic portfolio service. Mac users can utilize the software, but not its WYSIWYG text editing features.

Web standards are important, and are a “banner” that educational leaders should champion and actively promote. Nicholas Negroponte, one of the founders of the OLPC - One Laptop Per Child organization, is predicting that sales of the $100 OLPC laptop may boost the overall LINUX operating system market share to 12 percent worldwide.

In my opinion, a diversity of operating systems and Web browsers is a great thing, and further highlights the need for adherence to Web standards by developers. If there is a particular Website you want to use on your Macintosh running Safari or another browser, and it does not work, I would encourage you to Email the Web master and request that s/he support compatible web standards.

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